Because It Adds Meaningful History to Your Space

In my world, vintage has always been popular, but now it has made it’s way into mainstream home design. Celebrities decorating with vintage have given the market a serious boost, affirming that vintage can be thoroughly modern. As period trends re-appear, it’s a fun way to express an individual look.

Often I see the beauty of vintage in the time worn finish that authenticates it’s age. Give me the crazing in white ironstone, the craquluer of thick old layered paint, smooth worn wood on the arm of a chair or old chopping board and you’ve just defined a treasure.

Vintage is easy to integrate, it could be a cherished find that brings back fond family memories, a whimsical piece of art or a handmade pillow that adds a welcoming fresh look to your home. I feel your home should be a reflection of your family, a place of comfort and visual beauty. When you walk through the door, you’re surrounded by things that make you happy. Our house is ever evolving, as our family changes, our needs change. Our home will never be done, there will always be new “finds” and the desire to breathe new life into our space!  Now, let’s go shopping!